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PLC Programming Company, Industrial Automation Systems,Instrumentation and Implementation specialists.

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We provide a number of different PLC and HMI products which you can purchase in order to get your projects up and running quickly and easily.

PLC Supplier

We stock major brands of programmable logic controllers for your needs from small home automation projects to large industrial automation applications.Which makes us the goto plc supplier of choice for your industrial automation projects. If you are looking for plc suppliers look no further. We are suppliers of delta plc, siemens, allen bradley.

HMI Supplier

We supply human machine interfaces from industrial grade HMIs to mobile hand held HMIs for drawing reports and controlling your machinery

Machine Vision

We have developed a number of machine vision products for recognizing various objects and scenarios in the field.

Cloud PLC Systems

We have solutions to safely and securely store your production data in our cloud. It is easily accessible with our self developed internal reporting system.


We provide quite a few services when it comes to industrial automation, farming, fisheries, mining and other forms of industry and other industrial automation sectors.

New Development

We develop new implementations of your requirements for your industrial automation projects. Everything from installing the PLCs to programming PLCs. The technology which controls your machinery. We have competency in mobile application and web capable application development as well.


We are innovative problem solvers which can implement technologies which have not been built or tested before. We have a team of skilled individuals. Skilled in many fields such as machine learning and machine vision. We are also competent in many technologies such as c++, python, cloud services, ladder, modbus and SCADA. As one of the top plc programming companies we are your trusted implementation partner.


We provide a number of maintenance packages, to keep your industrial automation project running smoothly and at peak performance.

What we do

PLC Programming

We have core competency in delivering high quality PLC programs, to power your every industrial automation requirement. With applications in the field of farming, mining, manufacturing, packing and industry. Being one of the top industrial automation companies in the field you can trust us with your automation development projects. With strong ability in delta plc programming, allen bradley plc programming, siemens plc programming and omron plc programming.

SCADA Systems

With any large project, you need full control. We provide SCADA systems which can deliver extended functionality to your project and allow you to fully control to your industrial automation project.

Innovative Development

We like to pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and can create various custom software applications modelled to your every need. We have competency in c++, python, ladder, php, ruby, assembly, web based and mobile based techologies. We have skills in cloud platforms for data storage in the cloud or within data centres. As one of the top automation companies in gauteng we can help you with any software requirement.

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